Case Studies


Cruise liners with DiamondFace-coated mechanical seals

Cruise liners have to reduce their sulfur emissions in Emission-Controlled Areas (ECAs). To accomplish this, light fuel oil is used in coastal regions - with significant consequences for the ship's fuel supply.


DF-M7N DiamondFace for tank drainage pumps

The chemical company Global Amines is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of special chemicals. The "Southeast Bavarian Chemical Triangle", near Altötting, Germany is the location of the Gendorf plant. Global Amines produces preliminary, intermediate and finished chemical products here. EagleBurgmann successfully converted a chemical standard pump from a competitor's seal to an EagleBurgmann DF-M7N DiamondFace mechanical seal and achieved significantly increased pump and system availability.


DF-MFLWTI DiamondFace mechanical seal for refinery pumps

The TOTAL refinery at the Leuna chemicals site is one of the most state-of-the art facilities of its type in Europe. It processes around 30,000 tonnes of crude oil every day, most of which is pumped in from Russia.


DF-MFLWTI single seals for refinery pumps

The Sannazzaro de' Burgondi refinery is located in northern Italy, approx. 50 km to the south of Milan. It was commissioned in 1963 and belongs to ENI, the crude oil and energy group. Investments in sustainable technical expansions and innovations were made over the years, and the daily processing capacity increased to over 180,000 barrels of crude oil. After the mechanical seals originally installed by a competitor quickly reached the limits of their performance, the end user took the opportunity to contract EagleBurgmann with a safe and permanent sealing solution for his pumps.


DiamondFace coated mechanical seals in crude oil application

The 275 km OSVAT pipeline network carries about 55 % of the crude oil explored in Brazil. In 12 Sulzer heavy duty pumps, which maintain the fast flow of crude oil from the wells to the final destination, several wear-free mechanical seals with DiamondFace technology operate without failure and provide economic advantages for the owner.


DiamondFace-coated sliding faces in boiler feed pumps

In a nuclear power station, the requirements for mechanical seals are very high. EagleBurgmann successfully supplied a DiamondFace coated mechanical seal, type SAF(P)I for a boiler feed pump in a power plant in Southern Germany.


Gas-lubricated mechanical seals for vacuum paddle dryers

During the production process of liquid crystals (e.g. for the production of LCD screens), Merck KGaA in Darmstadt, Germany, uses paddle dryers in order to dry the end products of high purity. Therefore, the company uses gas-lubricated mechanical seals by EagleBurgmann. 


High pressure compressor seal for Tupi 4

The Lula oil field off the coast of Brazil is considered one of the largest oil discoveries in recent years. It was brought into production using FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) platforms. EagleBurgmann supplied the GE compressors at the Tupi 4 floating production site with new and innovative ultra-high-pressure DGS for gas re-injection.


HSH agitator seals in PTA production

Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) is particularly a preliminary product used in the polyester and PET production. It is generally produced from naphtha. EagleBurgmann supplied its largest agitator seal to a PTA facility in China, and since then has become a leading manufacturer for PTA production.


HSHLV-D agitator seal for sensible reaction processes

Reliability during sensible chemical reaction processes and a significantly increased lifetime characterize the agitator seal used in a chemical production plant. In stirred tank reactors of a polymer dispersion facility in Germany, various monomers and water are transformed into polymers. EagleBurgmann HSHLV-D agitator seals are used in these reactors to prevent standstills.


Magnetic couplings for hydrocarbon pumps

In a refinery, different systems are being used, among them multistage vertical can pumps to circulate highly flammable liquid hydrocarbons. EagleBurgmann Nova Magnetics provided several magnetic couplings to hermetically seal them.

United Kingdom

Metal bellows seal in crude oil residue products

The Conoco Humber refinery in England processes up to 230,000 barrels crude oil per day. To ensure a trouble-free thermal cracking process, the refinery uses EagleBurgmann's dual metal bellow seals.


One-stop supplier for sealing technology at the Sohar refinery

The Sohar refinery was built with state of the art technology to process a mixed feedstock of crude oil and atmospheric residue. Within the scope of its TotalSealCare service, EagleBurgmann maintains an own service center to immediately cater to the needs of the customer.


PDGS upgrade for Australian LNG project

Numerous new natural gas sources have been developed in the coal seams of the Surat Basin in Queensland, Australia in recent years. The produced coal seam gas is collected, treated and compressed in central processing plants (CPP) and then pumped via a 340 km pipeline to Curtis Island near to the city of Gladstone on the East Coast. There it is liquefied and loaded onto LNG tankers. EagleBurgmann supplied PDGS dry gas seals in tandem arrangement for several facilities of the integrated project.


RoTechBooster for pipeline compressors

With a strategic alliance between EagleBurgmann and the Alliance Pipeline, which leads from British Columbia and North Dakota to Chicago, best practice methods for maintenance and availability were to be implemented. EagleBurgmann PDGS seals are installed in the pipeline's compressor stations.


Sealing of polymer dispersion (Latex)

The handling of latex is a major engineering challenge for the mechanical seals that are used on pumps and reactors. One of the German EagleBurgmann service centers collaborates with the operator of the Marl Chemical Park, and has been supplying it with individual sealing solutions for many years.


Sealing solutions for applications compliant to TA-Luft and ATEX

TA-Luft and ATEX requirements make it necessary for operators to replace all seals used that are not conform to the standards. At Chema Prozess- and Systemtechnik in Germany, EagleBurgmann equipped steel distillation vessels with double mechanical seals in cartridge design that meet the needed legislations.

United Kingdom

Separation seal breakthrough improves UK gas grid compressor reliability

The reliability of centrifugal compressors in gas grids are of the highest social and economic importance for network operators. Compressor performance and availability are closely related to the effectiveness of sophisticated compressor shaft sealing technology. Here, EagleBurgmann developed a new sealing concept which ensures better compressor availability: the coaxial separation seal CobaSeal.


Service agreement between EagleBurgmann and TOTAL

The TOTAL refinery Mitteldeutschland GmbH, located in Spergau near Leuna, is one of Europe's most modern refineries. To ensure optimal plant availability, a perennial service contract between EagleBurgmann and the refinery was signed.


Service contract between EagleBurgmann and Shell

The Shell Rhineland refinery is the largest refinery in Germany. To significantly increase the service life of the mechanical seals that are in operation at the facility, a service contract with EagleBurgmann was signed.


SHFV mechanical seals in nuclear power plants

Darlington Nuclear Generating Station in Canada provides about 20 % of Ontario's electricity needs. EagleBurgmann equipped 16 Sulzer pumps with a newly designed sealing system according to API plan 23.


Successful application of DiamondFace mechanical seals in multiphase pumps

In Germany, crude oil production amounts to 3.7 million tons per year. EagleBurgmann and a leading pump manufacturer conducted a successful field test with SGR mechanical seals.


TotalSealCare at the Unterweser nuclear power plant

In the area of services for packings and static seals for power plant technology, EagleBurgmann offers an efficient on-site seal service. At the nulcear power plant Unterweser in Germany, a TotalSealCare service team successfully conducted a planned inspection, and was also able to counteract an unexpected increase of the workload without any issues.


TotalSealCare On-Site Service

The EagleBurgmann TotalSealCare service offers a flexible and modular package for every call-out situation and meets all local requirements. The "On-Site Service" module has successfully proven its worth over many years and in a number of different industrial fields.