High speed seals

High speed seals <br/>HPS, HYS
Drawing shows
HPS Single seal

High speed seals


  • Stationary seal
  • Balanced
  • Stationary seal
  • Balanced
  • Uniform seal face loading
  • Independent of direction of rotation
  • Available as pusher or bellows version
  • Available as single, double and tandem arrangements
  • Ideally suited for high speed pumps


  • Very compact seal
  • Cost effective solution for high speed applications
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Available in hard face combination for abrasive media

Operating range

Shaft diameter: Acc. to customers requirements
Pressure: p = ... 20 bar (290 PSI)
Temperature: t = ... +260 °C (... +500 °F)
Sliding velocity: vg = 50 m/s (164 ft/s)

(Consult EB for applications outside above limits).


Seal ring: Carbon graphite resin impregnated,
Carbon graphite antimony impregnated, Tungsten carbide
Mating ring: Silicon carbide, Tungsten carbide
Secondary seals: FKM, FFKM, EPR
Springs: Hastelloy® C-4
Bellows: AM 350, Inconel® 718
Metal parts: SS 316, other materials on request.

Recommended piping plans

API Plans 11, 12, 13, 14, 32, 52, 53A, 53B, 53C, 54

Product variants

HPS Dual seal
HPS Tandem arrangement
HYS Single seal
HYS Dual seal
HYS Tandem arrangement

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