Burajet 8032/HHP
Injection Device

Burajet 8032/HHP <br/>Injection Device

Burajet 8032/HHP
Injection Device


The Burajet injection gun 8032/ HHP is a hydraulic gun for fiber-injectable packings allowing easy injection of the compound into the stuffing box space. An injection gun can be used for multiple applications or machines.


  • Easy to handle
  • Can be used multiple times on different machines
  • Greater distance from the machine is possible

Operating range

For supplying and topping up Burajet fiber injectable compound


It consists of the following components:
  • Hydraulic cylinder with hand lever
  • Nipple for lantern ring/flush water connection
  • Stop valve
  • Pressure hose with pressure gauge


The packing can be installed by hand while the equipment is stopped with the gland follower open. With the gland plate closed and while the equipment is stopped, the packing can be injected for the first time using the hydraulic injection gun 8032/HHP via the flush water/ lantern ring connection. If there is no connection, it may be attached later.

Conversion to the fiber compound packing is problem-free and requires little technical equipment. Use the packing extractor 9611 to remove the old packing. Then retain the injectable fiber packings between two braided packing rings.