EagleBurgmann India is recognized as a Seal Designer and Manufacturer with not only global technologies to support it but also local product development capabilities and the R&D unit has an approval from the Department of Science and Industrial Research - Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. The seeds of the present R&D capabilities were sown several years ago with the establishment of a modest R&D setup to test pump as well as agitator and compressor wet seals. 

In 2013, EagleBurgmann India shifted its entire R&D testing activities to a new facility with an area almost twice that of the old R&D shop (350 sq. meters to 700 sq. meters).

Construction of the new centre started in 2012. On the 25th  January 2013, the new Centre was inaugurated. Built at a total investment of 1.25 million Euros, it houses 7 new test beds. The largest test rig can be used to test wet seals up to pressures of 150 bar and speeds up to 8,000 rpm. Another test rig imported from Germany will equip the Centre as a Dry Gas Seal test facility. This test rig allows testing for Dry Gas Seals up to pressures of 350 bar and speeds of 24,000 rpm. Four other pump test rigs are designed to work for testing of wet seals for pumps up to pressures of 100 bar and speeds of 5,000 rpm. These test rigs are designed not only for testing seals for special engineered applications but also with a view to using them for Seal Qualification Testing as per the latest edition of the API 682.

All test beds are fitted with wireless transmitters and the entire testing will be managed electronically via state-of-the-art control mechanisms. The hi-tech control room will allow the test engineers to monitor all vital test parameters like Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Speed, Vibrations, etc. Surveillance would be very convenient as every test bed will be fitted with an IP Camera to monitor the running tests even from a remote location via the internet. The customized testing software allows capturing, recording and storage of live test data and the same can subsequently be used to interpret, analyze and further process the data for product development and upgradation.

Apart from the modern safety gadgets for all other test beds which include controls and alarms for all crucial test parameters like Pressure, Temperature and Speed, the DGS test room also boasts an extremely resilient and strong steel-concrete enclosure that will ensure safety by absorbing the impact in the unlikely event of an explosion at peak pressure.

Apart from all the above features, the R&D Centre is also a good representation of the Green Initiatives at EagleBurgmann India as the layout of the building and test areas allow maximum use of sunlight and the installation of more than 50 industrial LED lamps to illuminate the test area will lead to savings of about 15,000 kWh of electrical energy per year.


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